Spoiled student gets an attitude adjustment from the creepy janitor.

Sep 22, 2011 - and

It's the last day of [REDACTED] before the big summer vacation, Cole Brooks is the last student remaining in the classroom. He is having an argument with his girlfriend online and Brenn Wyson, the creepy janitor just wants to clean up. Politely, Brenn asks Cole to leave but the stud throws several nasty remarks at the creepy janitor. Brenn is trying to stay out of trouble but here we go again. He ties up the boy and rips off his clothes in the classroom. Brenn then takes the boy into his basement living quarters for privacy. He beats the boy and fucks him hard in bondage. Lets just say that the student's attitude has been adjusted.

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Nov 6, 2014 Brenn and Cole are great together. Brenn is a natural psycho (love it) dom. Cole is sooooo cute. More please..... Great! (5)
Apr 30, 2014 OK, this one was the best of the series! Brenn sure knows how to play the part of creepy (but HOT) mind-fucker. Cole got more and more into it, and so did I as I watched it. And the intensity between them just grew and grew as the scene went on. Great! (5)
Jan 25, 2014 more creepy janitor Great! (5)
Dec 8, 2013 Brenn is a natural and Cole is such a cutie! Great! (5)
Aug 4, 2013 Cole Brooks Great! (5)
Apr 23, 2013 Cole and Brenn. Love them both, loved the scene. Great! (5)
Feb 13, 2013 Please bring Cole Brooks back- he's a Cutie! Great! (5)
Dec 21, 2012 I liked it! Damn Brenn is so creepy in this role xD you do it well man. Cole was hot, he played well the guy who doesn't want it. I liked his expression when Brenn was liking his hole. And I liked the breath control (must be scary). Great! Great! (5)
Oct 9, 2012 WTF?! Breath Control?! This was nothing short of CINEMATIC BRILLIANCE!!! HOLY FUCK ME! I must have more... Episodes like this are why I keep coming back. Great! (5)
Sep 7, 2012 One of the best I've seen. There was a real story line to it. But in p laces, it lacked credibility. The fuck scene went on too long without variation and that made Cole's part difficult to maintain. Suggest that he could have ben bribed to behave, if some of his bondage was released, so that he could have varied his response and perhaps even decided that in spite of himself, he was beginning to like it, after all. Otherwise it was really good. aussioz1 Good (4)
Jul 20, 2012 I enjoyed that entirely too much. Wonderful setup, and Cole is cute as hell. Brenn is amazing as always (please come back, Brenn?), and the chemistry is great, which is also obvious from the interviews. When Cole spit in the janitor's face, I seriously went: "Oooh fuuuuck...!" Great! (5)
Apr 19, 2012 Easily my favourite set on here, Cole is a gorgeous guy and looks amazingly hot tied to that chair. Great! (5)
Mar 29, 2012 It's so wonderfully apparent when someone who does this in their real life is in a shoot! Cole was awesome and I love the defiant sub being put in their place plotline. I'd love to see him back more and in more D/s scenes with less roleplay elements. I'd love to see more of Brenn as well in non-creepy janitor scenes - his use of words is great and I love the roughness of his dominance. Great! (5)
Mar 3, 2012 I knew Brenn was from 'Bahstin' by his accent. I would have loved to have had a guy like him to 'show me the ropes' when I was 21. I was from the suburbs, but I learned street smarts fast. Nobody got within 6 feet of me. Too bad. I missed out on a lot of pain and pleasure. Great! (5)
Feb 21, 2012 fine Fair (3)
Feb 20, 2012 Can i also say i love the post shoot interview!! Brenn you're amazing!! Great! (5)
Feb 3, 2012 My name is A.J. Manzano and I so love to watch Brenn Wyson really use and abuse these dumbass cocky jocks. I so want to be in a boundgods video and I'd love to star in some of the creepy Janitor vids. Feel free to contact me on facebook. Def into cbt, bondage, kink, wild twisted sex and hot role playing. Also into pain. I'm usually the hot naive jock who gets his dick and ass stuck deep into the shit. LOL! Great! (5)
Jan 21, 2012 Thanks! Brenn is magic man Great! (5)
Jan 12, 2012 100% agree kinkywisconsin!! Brenn we await you!! Great! (5)
Jan 6, 2012 I would love to see a new Brenn Wyson video every week. He is a true god!!! Great! (5)
Dec 21, 2011 This is awesome.Cole is the best one of victim.This was the hottest videos because of Cole.Can't wait until more scenes of Cole. Great! (5)
Nov 8, 2011 What's better than Great. I liked knowing (after watching the scene) that the Cole was so into it! I like seeing a sub suffering and in pain...but I want to know they like it. The choking scene was great. I could have done without the staging...If this was the longest shoot ever...do we get to see the rest of it. "It was a blast the whole time and I was lovin it." That's what I want to hear when I play rough with a sub...and what I like hearing from the models when you interview them. I liked Cole fighting back...and the spitting. Great, great, great!!! I also like the focus on pain/dominance play, rather than the sex. Great! (5)
Nov 4, 2011 The best one ever. Cole is a great victim. Can't wait until there is another one. Great! (5)
Nov 1, 2011 Psycho janitor on top form again, don't spit at him, he don't like it! Serious flogging action and Brenn delivers an orgasmic performance everytime. Can't get enough of Brenn Wyson!! Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2011 WOW this video alone makes the monthly fee alone worth it! Superb shoot in my top five fav's for BG....COLE was amazing as was Brenn ....very believable! Cole is such a cutie and Brenn is an amazing master! Great! (5)
Oct 31, 2011 I wanna see Cole being carried in somebody's arms like a baby while sobbing. Great! (5)
Oct 25, 2011 omg! wow Great! (5)
Oct 12, 2011 Cole: sooo cute and really well performing. Brenn: the MC = Master of "Creepyness"! And the setting is great. But: I absolutely hate spitting! :-( Great! (5)
Oct 6, 2011 Cole is a really cute kid. Really liked him. Get him to do some more scenes. Nothing better than a hot blond getting used. He could, one would suggest, use a bit of gym time to buff up more. Nonetheless, I really like him. Great! (5)
Oct 4, 2011 I loved it! Especially all the passionate sptting on the face. And Cole Brooks is very hot! He can certainly take a beating. Id love to see him in Boundinpublic getting spit on and pissed on by bunch of guys. Maybe the suspension can work there. And Brenn is amazing as the creepy janitor as always. Great job guys! Great! (5)
Oct 2, 2011 Just superb. I have loved watching Brenn in the past as a top, especially when dommed Dylan Deap. But Cole is outstanding. He can take serious punishment. I echo the comments that I hope to have him back under the lash - maybe some single tail, and especially under Brenn's mastery. Great! (5)
Oct 1, 2011 INCROYABLE, FASCINANT, SEDUISANT... que dire de plus MAGNIFIQUE. Vivement la suite. La palette des emotions sur le visage de Cole Broocks est du jamais vu. On y croit. cela a donner a Brenn Wyson plus de valeurs et de viriliter. j'espere qu'on aura la chance de les revoir jouer ensemble. Merci pour ce moment onirique en esperant que ce ne sera pas le dernier du genre. please please please !!! MORE MORE MORE !!!!!! Great! (5)
Sep 29, 2011 Thanks! Great! (5)
Sep 29, 2011 The first creepy janitor scene that I decided to download. I normally feel uncomfortable with the abusive character of the plots, but this time Cole made the difference. He seemed to enjoy his role and was convincing as a victim. But on the other hand he seems to know what he is doing and has enough self-confidence to stand his ground when it comes to personal limits. That gives me some peace of concience while watching him suffer in the crazy janitors hands. Great! (5)
Sep 28, 2011 Love how Cole can't keep the delighted grin off his face in the spreadeagle scene...and Brenn is the perfect creepy weird janitor! more of both please!!!! Great! (5)
Sep 28, 2011 Awesome. I bought it as soon as I saw it. We want more twinks and more "young" submissive; great scenario here Great! (5)
Sep 28, 2011 very very hoooooot. one of the best ever. brenn is my favorite.cole was very good Great! (5)
Sep 27, 2011 I'm new here, and I am looking forward to more of Brenn...Very hot! Great! (5)
Sep 26, 2011 Chemistry is fucking hot, sure! Chemistry between Cole and Brenn is fucking hot, as said.. I love the scene, but Brenn is realy hot for this 21 year old and that is showing.. I would like to see Cole get more house trained.. who is the Master? Scene is great, but could be more if Cole gets realy dominated by a Master. I think Cole is into it for future scenes, but give him a Master that wants his body... I would like to see Cole getting it from someone who isn't into him.. and I think Cole will perform much greater! But anyway, This vid is great as well! vWish I was Cole! Great! (5)
Sep 26, 2011 I agree with others about the prolonged scenes as "director's cut" to be released, as a bonus. I like this really cute kid. Bring him back for more tight bondage and heavy punishment. He can take it. Great! (5)
Sep 25, 2011 That was probably the hottest scene on this site in weeks! I loved it, especially the fucking at the end, though I wish you didn't cut away from the post-orgasm torture. Brenn was awesome as always, and Cole did a fantastic job. I hope you bring Cole back for more! And I agree with you, Van, I'm hoping Cole doesn't get more tattoos or bulk. He's sexy as he is now! Great! (5)
Sep 24, 2011 Hot guys...and I liked the scene, as it's been a long term fantasy of mine. It had a good edge to it! Great! (5)
Sep 24, 2011 This was so damn hot. Well done guys. Awesome job. Great! (5)
Sep 24, 2011 blah Poor (1)
Sep 24, 2011 Love the verbal stuff. Very hot scenario. Great! (5)
Sep 24, 2011 and why cut away from the milking?! Great! (5)
Sep 24, 2011 very hot guy, abuse his balls more! Great! (5)
Sep 24, 2011 LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great! (5)
Sep 24, 2011 Very nice video. Great chemistry between both of them. -Dem Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2011 cute cute boy! i like the creepy series Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2011 How incredibly hot!!!!!!!!! Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2011 Wow!!!probably one of my favorites. Both were outstanding loved the spit which I'd like to know after hearing about cutting problem scenes if you could work up a video with some of those cut scenes???Gary Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2011 painful boring Poor (1)
Sep 23, 2011 Wanted to add another comment - can u release a "directors cut" of this video that would contain longer scenes if possible? This was one of the hottest videos on this and any other site because of the actors - Cole is beautiful (I agree - just the way he is) and the chemistry between Brenn and Cole is fuckin hot. The storyline was convincing and done realistically (the only scene that looked contrived was the vac scene - I loved the anal electro plug though ). Cole as mentioned, is fuckin beautiful and hot - and Brenn is handsome and terrifying as the creepy janitor (esp when he talked to his previous students - very good scene). Loved the slow stripping of the boy - and the chair scene, the camera angle of Cole behing sucked off - and his reactions to it. His defiance helped to make this video hot - and the rimming and fucking scene was awesome too. As requested earlier - more prolonged scene of Cole (and other subs) being stroked and cock-polished after they cum - his reaction (and the other subs when this is done to them too) is fuckin hot - you should do this more and longer. Hot hot video - more of Cole, more of Brenn too. Thanks - and consider a directors cut of this if you can Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2011 Wow, this was hot! Some of the scenes seemed to end very abruptly, but the action was great. More of this please! Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2011 Cole Brooks is perfect in my book... handsome face, slim cut body and a fat cock. When he applied a couple of months ago, he didn't have the tattoo. He looked so clean cut and I like to put guys like this in bondage scenarios. I hope he's not going to add more tattoos and get bigger. Thank you all for being supportive of the newcomers. Sincerely, Van Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2011 KUDOS to Brenn, Cole, Van. WOW...this was GOOD. Lotsa great camera work zeroing in on Cole's imposing prick. Van, with Holloween nearby, how about a special treat of 3 or 4 subs rimming Brenn's JAW DROPPER ass. Also, HOT HOT HOT those fingers exploring Cole's man cunt. Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2011 congrats to all concerned - both performers were committed, convincing andnatural, which for my money makes it all the more sexy and yes, rather perverse. I dont agree that Cole should be more muscular - thats the whole point that he is a real student, not a porn actor - its the contrast with muscular Brenn - who is a damn fine handsome guy - and really clever at improvised perversity - that makes the scene work. And both guys are hard ( nice big dicks too ) throughout - makes all the difference that they were so into each other. Sexy throughout, really brilliant set ups and Cole is a real find - I hope he is not ruined by being pushed into getting "big" muscles - his athletic build is perfect. Brenn seems more attractive the nastier he is, and he was pretty nasty with the choking and the rimming and the flogging. Van thank you for a skillfully executed, exciting shoot and def one of your best.. Great! (5)
Sep 23, 2011 Avec maintenant dix épisodes, les aventures du "creepy janitor" constituent une sorte de sous-genre récurrent de BG. On rappelle aux plus jeunes que la toute première session de BG, éditée le 5 juin 2008, était un "creepy janitor". Le préposé de l'époque, Rod Barry, malmenait déjà un étudiant du nom - cela ne s'invente pas - de Brooks. Plus ça change... Il s'agissait à l'époque du séduisant Ash Brooks, que, hélas on n'a pas revu. Reverra-t-on Cole Brooks - qui a réchappé du sort flamboyant de Ned (BG du 10 mars 2011)? En tout cas, sa mince carrure en fait un étudiant très crédible, tandis que le janitor, confiné aux travaux manuels, exhibe une musculature plus consistante. Les deux forment un duo inouï, tout à fait réussi à mon goût. Je note entre autres un bref mais stupéfiant flogging (30'-32') et une strangulation menée de façon très convaincante (36'-38'). Au risque de passer pour un cuistre, on signalera pour terminer que dans l'Antiquité, le "janitor" était un esclave enchaîné près de la porte qu'il gardait. Verra-t-on un jour rétabli l'ordre ancien des choses? Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 You've outdone yourself once again, Van. This is awesome. Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 great new addition to ur model list! cole is really gd!! hope to see him in a lot more future shots! Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 In my earlier posting, I meant to say "I know that his underwear would have to come off eventually" but I inadvertently wrote "immediately" instead of "eventually". My bad. Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 Brenn is back in fine form in his signature role. Cole Brooks is a cute kid and did a fine job as victim. He's not a twink (Thank God!), but he's obviously a wholesome-looking young man. (He'd be perfect if he were just a little more muscular.) I only wish that Cole had been gagged for a longer period of time after he had been captured, and that his briefs had not been cut off so soon. I know that his underwear would have to come off immediately, but I wish that he had been fondled and molested for a longer time while still clad in his briefs. (Those briefs were great-looking, by the way!) A very good video. Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 Amazing scene, the first one I've watched from start to finish. SO hot! Keep these coming. Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 I love when Brenn can be himself!!!! He is one badass dom!!!! He showed no mercy on the boy! When Cole spit in Brenn's face OMG!!!!! I just knew Van would have to shorten the scene when Brenn started whaling on poor Cole!!!! Awesome!!!!!!! Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 This was a fantastic shoot! I was going to wait until tomorrow morning to watch it, but Cole was too cute to wait! I, like Bootshine, am not a real die-hard fan of the 'creepy janitor', but this shoot was a definite exception ... HOT! HOT! HOT! I love Brenn; love his verbal abuse; actually a number of other Doms should follow his lead... big turn-on for me ... Cole, well ... just too darn cute and he can take it!!! More Cole and more Brenn!!! Hopefully with a little more experience we can see Cole fucked while suspended ... Oh ... and I loved all the spitting... also a big turn-on for me ... Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 FANTASTIC!! I don't know how you will ever top this one. Everything was on spot, perfect. The way Brenn "spoke" to his students, his acting is superb. When Cole challenged Brenn by spitting at him- the following action was so good, certainly not rehearsed. Excellent work by all!! Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 outstanding! love the boi. bring him again! Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 Im not normally a fan of the Creepy Janitor Scenarios (Brenn is Hot , and love him in other scenarios ) ...but this one sizzled !...Chemistry by the bucket load. Cole is just a gorgeous dishy little Spunky hunk. The two guys really look good together. ( They actually look a lot alike too I think , like Cole could be a younger Brenn ) They have matching spirits and sexual appetites. A fun and sexy shoot. Thanks Guys Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 I loved it. Brenn great as always. And Cole did a great job. Bring him back for more. Please Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2011 FUCK!! This is one your best. More like this. Brenn is always fucking amazing - but none more playing that creepy janitor. And Cole is fucking hot! I would love to see even more post-orgasm torture of his cock and others in the future - keep it going for minutes! Very hot video though. Great! (5)