What the fuck dude, there's someone out there.

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Brian and DJ are two buddies watching porn in their house in the suburbs. They are waiting to hook up with a couple of girls after their night shifts. Their evening changes when they discover a scary lurker is hanging around their house. He cuts the electricity and takes them down in the dark. Brian gets tied to a chair and DJ is made to suck his cock. Both receive hard corporal for not cooperating. The intruder suspends DJ from the ceiling fan and beats the hell out of him. He drags the two helpless studs into the bedroom and orders them to fuck. Will the perv let these two innocent boys go or will he keep them as captives forever?

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Nov 15, 2014 That was amazing! Great! (5)
Aug 4, 2013 ACTORS Good (4)
Jan 6, 2013 LOVE DJ- cant get enough of him! he and briam make an awesome pair Great! (5)
Jul 14, 2012 Loved it! I really enjoy the scenario. Great! (5)
Jul 14, 2012 That was so fucking hot, particularly the scene on the bed. Feel free to invade my house anytime, Van ;-) Great! (5)
May 26, 2012 What a great Shoot!! It has everything it should; a menacing villian, great bodies, wonderful forced bondage and reluctance, and some very good acting, right down to Brian's grimaces. Loved it. Thanks Great! (5)
May 17, 2012 The VERY best ever!!! Encore! Great! (5)
May 17, 2012 The VERY (!!!) best. Great! (5)
Apr 24, 2012 This was fantastic Brian and DJ made it so real it was awesome. I loved the fact that Brian was made to fuck his buddy in the end..2 straight guys having to do things with each other the ultemate fantasy Good job would love to see me of this in future concepts Thank you Great! (5)
Mar 25, 2012 OMG!!!!! wish I could pleasure brian in the position he's in!!!!!!!!!!! yum yum!!! Great! (5)
Mar 15, 2012 I like the kidnapping fantasy and the fact that you are so creative in this vid! But the scene almost reaches the edge of my comfort zone. Good (4)
Dec 13, 2011 p.s. DJ is the cutest sub ever!!! Great! (5)
Dec 11, 2011 Van you can break into my house anytime! Even masked you are sexy as hell. Love the dynamic of the subs, one rebellious and one submissive. Good job, nice! Great! (5)
Nov 14, 2011 Great concept, would like to see more of this kind... Great! (5)
Oct 28, 2011 Another addition.Just watched again and sound of the whip seems to be syncronised so I apologize Van Good (4)
Oct 28, 2011 An addition Van. I totally like your overalls in this clip. Firstly,I would prefer ordinary clothing to leather as it's more realistic. I'm more into bondage scenes which would be likely to occur in the mainstraim community. Having said that, it is highly unlikely that the intruder would be wearing anything other then ordinary tradie clothing or the like. Mind you, a suited intruder could be interesting (lol) Good (4)
Oct 28, 2011 Van, the handgag was great while you were molesting Brian but you went and ruined it by using a bit of cloth (absolutely useless) tied through the mouth when you were jerking him. Why does everybody do this? Cloth stuffed in the mouth and tape wrapped around from nose to chin is the only really effective gag and that made the difference between this being my total fantasy and just pretty ordinary. We just don't see tape gags combined with jerk offs (my utmost turnon). Another thing which totally turns me off is if the sound is not syncronised and it certainly is not in this clip (not on my computer anyway. The whip strikes and then the crack. Something that must be watched. Sorry to be negative about what is overall a pretty damn good clip. Good (4)
Oct 27, 2011 great.......hot........great bodies......would like to more of the guys Great! (5)
Oct 26, 2011 If I may direct myself to Van himself, you have done an amazing job of providing a totally gay website that supplise us with kinks and fetishes of all tastes for everyone. Not only do you, yourself look great, but the service you provide is fantastic. Please don't even bother answering to people like Glovedcop, there's always a miserable sod, no matter what alternative lifestyle you are in. Please keep up the good work and fantastic shoots. With Respects and Admiration Terry (slave) Great! (5)
Oct 23, 2011 Glovedcop, should ignore all the great comments on here and pay attention only to your comment? Besides, your comment doesn't explain to me why you didn't like it so it's useless to me. My dark overall is to draw attention to the two studs, Brian and DJ. It's not about me. Sincerely, Van Great! (5)
Oct 22, 2011 An absolute pathetic disaster..!!...When R U guys going to learn that 3 some's don't work..???????...And Van..please get some sexy gear before U video Urself trying to dominate another guy....!! Poor (1)
Oct 20, 2011 This like my biggest fantasy....Wow I wish this was real Great! (5)
Oct 16, 2011 Loved this one! Brian is so damn hot! Love his red hair and furry chest! He and DJ make this a great scene! Great! (5)
Oct 14, 2011 More of this type of movie please! I like the scenario played out here and adds that something else. Brilliant Great! (5)
Oct 13, 2011 The best! Great! (5)
Oct 13, 2011 Once in a while a movie comes along (porn or otherwise) that you won't forget. This is one of them. An immediate classic. Great! (5)
Oct 10, 2011 very hot, and i like the mystry master!!!! of course DJ is hot, hot, hot. Great! (5)
Oct 10, 2011 fun show but at the end, they sounded like an even more awkward Beavis and Butthead when they were answering questions. stick to what you do, guys! you'll never do anything that requires having an IQ higher than table salt! Great! (5)
Oct 10, 2011 I walk away a few times... Fair (3)
Oct 10, 2011 Let's see more of Brian Bonds. I really like muscular guys in bondage. Great! (5)
Oct 10, 2011 I loved the horror-movie and home-invasion themes. Brian Bonds is new to this site, and he is very impressive - good-looking, muscular, clean-cut, "down home" accent. (I hope to see more of him in sub or victim roles.) I liked the way Brian continued to defy Van - he had to be beaten before he finally said "Do it to DJ!", he had to be tortured before he would fuck DJ, etc. He looked very sexy tied to that chair in his briefs. I liked the scene where Van masturbated Briam to the verge of orgasm, but stopped just before Brian could come, leaving him horny and angry. (Is that what "edging" is, by the way?) I liked the bathtub scene, and the scene where DJ was forced to rim Brian. I liked the hand-gagging of Brian, but instead of using his torn briefs as a cleave-gag, I wish van had stuffed the briefs into Brian's mouth & sealed the gag in place with a long strip of duct tape wound around his head a few times. I also wish that Brian's briefs had been kept on him longer, as a "tease factor", before being cut off. I wish that Brian had been spanked longer and harder. Finally, I wish that DJ had been forced to fuck Brian. But still, this was a good video. Good (4)
Oct 10, 2011 great stuff! DJ is always fun & I think I want to have a bromance with Brian Bounds...oops...Bonds. A classic Great! (5)
Oct 10, 2011 Two intruders on one bottom would have been hotter... Fair (3)
Oct 9, 2011 DJ is great as always! i love Brian! what a great new addition to the site! do bring him back ASAP! Great! (5)
Oct 9, 2011 Myvown submissive cock was hard the whole 1:05:25. This was a great sence and well played! One of the best BoundGods! EVER! Great! (5)
Oct 9, 2011 I can't tell you how HOT this post was...I LOVE home invasion / forced sex....WOW DJ is always outstanding and welcome Brian come back soon! HOME RUN Van. Great! (5)
Oct 9, 2011 LOVE the home invasion scenario! Please use this scenario again...maybe next time there can be 2 intruders and two victims..and one of the intruders makes one of the guys watch while the other guy gets fucked! Van, thanks for the handgags again..so hot! Great! (5)
Oct 9, 2011 Great video!!!! Great! (5)
Oct 9, 2011 Forget the plot. This is stupid. This is not Halloween III Great! (5)
Oct 8, 2011 I totally disagree with leifguyuk. No matter how much a sub loves getting fucked, the "resistance" to it is just hot! DJ has always been a favorite of mine and Brian is just sexy! The concept of 2 slaves being forced together toally made me get off watching! I'd love to see them together again. Maybe as roommates through this experience, one decides he liked it? Great job guys! Great! (5)
Oct 8, 2011 dj and brian were great the acting was one of the best i have ever seen on boundgods/lets have more of brian he is hot Great! (5)
Oct 8, 2011 Very very hot, loved the two hot guys beign subdued by the rapist, Both extremley hansome guys naked, tied and gaged and forced to abuse each other. Congratulations Great! (5)
Oct 8, 2011 wow great job Great! (5)
Oct 8, 2011 Les scénarios d'"intruder" ne sont pas absolument une nouveauté à BG, mais le traitement est cette fois-ci, je crois, inédit et tout à fait excitant. J'admire tout d'abord l'excellente composition de DJ - dont on connaît la substantielle filmographie - feignant de rechigner à expérimenter un nouveau partenaire aussi attrayant... Quel acteur! Quant à Brian Bonds - on suppose que c'est un pseudonyme - on l'attendait évidemment à BG, et il y fait une entrée spectaculaire; beau visage, belle queue (sympathique érection de 13' à 20', edging des plus stimulants), gros impact érotique dans les cordes et les chaînes. Mr Van, qu'on voit beaucoup et souvent, a eu cette fois-ci la bonne idée de s'effacer quasiment; sa simple silhouette masquée, gantée de noir et armée d'une cravache est d'une redoutable efficacité. La séquence de la baignoire (21' - 25') m'a paru d'un moindre intérêt; la couper donnerait plus de rythme à l'ensemble. Je note la solidité des ventilateurs de l'Armorial, je ne tenterais pas la même expérience sur le mien. Ce sont sans doute les limites de BB qui ont déterminé la tonalité assez soft de l'ensemble. D'où la critique de nieve, que je ne partage pas; je suis certes amateur de performances plus percutantes, mais j'apprécie aussi les sessions où la modicité des violences stimule l'inventivité du scénario. Tout ce petit monde a d'ailleurs dû beaucoup s'amuser à tourner ces scènes, réjouissantes à force de second degré. Great! (5)
Oct 8, 2011 FUCK!!! Easily one of the best BG vids if not the best on the production values alone - and the acting by Brian and DJ. Didn't think you would do a video so soon that could surpass the one with Cole and Brenn - and THAT was almost perfect! I loved especially the setup - and the set. Loved the home invasion, the forced sex between the roommates - very believable, especially with Brian tied to the chair - in his underwear - his dick initially soft and then gets hard and DJ forced to suck him o0ff. Very believable - in part because his dick was soft then got hard - and Brian looked fuckin sexy tied in that chair. Fuckin hot!!!! And the bathtub scene was erotic ad hot in its own way - different - only suggestion that the scene had more edging and cock torture (ie polishing his knob and shaft in a more deliberate and longer way) but it was still a very very hot scene! Loved the short rimming scene, though wished it was longer and had a dildo shoved inside Brian - also liked the mirror scene - and Brian's continued resistance. Loved that. I do agree with a previous commen - would have loved to have seen Brian strung up and flogged maybe even tickled or - dare I say it - fucked hard and long with a dildo and maybe DJ. Well, save that for another future BG or Bound in Public video. Both DJ and Brian were very very good as actors - and believable. Van - you were fuckin scary and hot at the same time. Perfect! I hope you will continue doing these types of setups and use of different sets - and use of cute and hot models like Brian (and DJ) - and also Cole. GREAT GREAT HOT HOT Video - Thanks - more cock edging and polishing but you guys are definintely BACK in making the web's hottest videos - Great! (5)
Oct 8, 2011 Two very hot guys, but somehow I just couldn't get aroused watching a fuck scene in which both participants are reluctant because they are not supposed to show any passion. And sex without passion is boring. I really hope to see Brian in a more conventional boundgods scene with a hot engaging fuck scene in the end, preferably as a sub as he looks so cute.. DJ you are some of my favorites, and did some pretty good acting here as well. The story line just made it sexually not very arousing. Fair (3)
Oct 8, 2011 the pre sex acting was pretty good... believable... but the acting during the sex was much less so... it's hard to accept DJ NOT wanting it up his ass when we've seen that so many times. Fair (3)
Oct 7, 2011 Definately above the norm. I liked the scene idea. There was so much potential there that could have been explored (next time). A place out in the country like that has to have a barn. Would have loved to have seen Brian strung up by his wrists and flogged in that barn. By the way, Brian Bonds, he's a keeper. Those gorgeous looks and that country accent. Perfect!!! I'll give it an 8.5 Great! (5)
Oct 7, 2011 I did not like the plot,but the handsomenest of DJ and Brian and their great acting made the video very enjoyable. Would like to see DJ in a dom role. Great! (5)
Oct 7, 2011 Totally worthe the wait Van! Hot beginning with DJ running around knowing someone was out there! Reminded me of a horror movie!!!!! I loved the mask and leather gloves Van. So hot!!!!! Great video!!!!! Great! (5)
Oct 7, 2011 This is one of my favorite shoots of all time for BGs! I LOVE kidnapping/home-invasion scenes, and both of these guys did some great acting. Very hot! Great! (5)
Oct 7, 2011 Chaud vraiment tres chaud. MASTER VAN toujours egal a lui meme. La recherche de la perfection est obtenu avec beaucoup d'imagination comme toujours. Le bondage et les chaines ont toujours ma preferance et cette video n'en manque pas. DJ et Brian Bonds forme un couple Parfait, j'ai pris grand plaisir a regarder cette video avec un scenario qui n'avais pas encore ete developper sous cet angle. Voir le kidnapping en entier et pas seulement son resultat et vraiment jouissif. La fin laisse esperer une suite que j'attendrais avec impatiente. Le decor d'un logement "normal" pour une fois rend l'histoire encore plus chaude. En attendant une suite avec beaucoup d'impatience. MERCI pour ce bon moment. MORE! MORE! Please please please !!! Great! (5)
Oct 7, 2011 The set up is perfect for Halloween! Great! (5)
Oct 7, 2011 Good acting but so poor sm and bondage. What a waste with such cute stalions, especially DJ which I find very sexy. I would like to watch more pain, torture, flogging hanging,cross... Some real SM action. Poor (1)
Oct 7, 2011 Worth waiting!! Great! (5)
Oct 7, 2011 Wow - what a storyline! And how they all play their roles (especially DJ)! For me it is really hot and turning on. Great! (5)
Oct 7, 2011 its cool ;-)) brain and dj are hot ! Great! (5)