Abbey and Chanta-Rose

Sep 4, 2003 - and

Abbey takes a break from her housekeeping chores when she finds some big dildos lying around. Chanta returns home to find Abbey masturbating and instills a sense of fearful submission through harsh and humiliating punishment.

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Sep 5, 2003 very nice as always/ -
Sep 5, 2003 A little kissing would be rockwikid! -
Sep 5, 2003 I for one disagree with all of the recent anti-Chanta sentiment that has infected the recent comments sections. I may never tire of watching her dominate hot looking women such as Abbey and disciplining them until they submit to serving her sexual desires. Keep up the good work Chanta, you certainly have a fan in me! -
Sep 5, 2003 Not a bad shoot but I have seen a lot better. The scenario of mistress finding maid misbehaving is getting a bit worn out, I thought this was the whippedass site ?? Abbeys bum [dont like ass I thought ass was a big four legged furry thing with big ears ] was not even red at the end [ end..joke get it] I also think that delicate strapon stilleto heel shoes are far more sexy than those big clumpy shoes all the subs seem to be wearing now. I still like this site and will carry on paying my dues -
Sep 5, 2003 P S I forgot cane stripes on Chantas BUM. Come on KYM that bum is too white and unmarked.. Dont you aggree members????? -
Sep 5, 2003 One time more, your comments are very witty, Kathleen44. In more, I agree much of your suggestions. (Indeed, Chanta should be a very nice sub) -
Sep 5, 2003 "Fearful submission trough harsh and humiliating punishment" webmaster I would have to disagree with the word harsh,erotic would have been more appropriate wording.What Abbey,JenniLee,Ivy and Abbey arses have in common at the end of a session?, well I let you gess it. -
Sep 5, 2003 I liked it a lot. Hey, I know it's probably the humongest cliche of BDSM fantasies, but I am still a big sucker for any maid/mistress scenarioes. And Abbey is gorgeous. I hope we see more of her. -
Sep 5, 2003 Chanta great as ever! Ditch the dildo! This is 'whipped ass', not 'dildo dames' after all. -
Sep 6, 2003 Very Nice work. I think Abbey is gorgeous . I would love to see Abbey dressed in a summer dress with black hose upon entering her home after shopping . After inside she is attacked by a Biker chic played by KYM who had broken in as a thief. Seeing that pretty summer dress torn off her would be a bonus . KYM should terrorize until she begins to cry, then at that point she should fuck her with a strap on until she makes her admit she is a slut and that her pussy belongs to KYM. Keep up the good work everyone. Please make my fantasy come true. -
Sep 6, 2003 Hey, elmers6708. The fact that this site is called whippedass should (maybe) guarantee ass-whipping, but should certainly not exlude any other type of action, such as the use of dildos (which I like a lot). Very nice. -
Sep 6, 2003 I agree also K44, more punishment on Abbeys' bottom is needed. As allways I love the spitting. More please. Chanta as a sub would be hot I think she could take much more now. T.D -
Sep 6, 2003 Smoking. I will never tire of Chanta and Abbey is a welcome new addition. How about a turn-the-tables-on-Chanta scenario in the future? -
Sep 6, 2003 Abbey's great. Awesome body, particularly her ass. I love her little whisper and her clip on ponytail. Cute in a sexy way. The scene was pretty good. Could've been better if she had lick the floor she should've been cleaning, and had to dust something with the feather duster up her ass. Rougher with the sex especially when they were face to face, I mean get down on it like a guy would. Chanta missed a chance slap the shit out of her when she laughed in her face. I liked the giggle though, I giggled too. It was pretty good. Most important burn the fuckin' brown frock, that shit sucks. The scene would have been 100x better if Chanta wore an evening gown with a slit up the side and an open back, with faux perles, some dangling earings, and spoke the Queen's English... like some real snobby bitch. -
Sep 6, 2003 The description is bullshit. Chanta couldnt stike fear in the heart of sparrow. And its not the height. -
Sep 7, 2003 i thick its time some one fucked chanta in the ass with a big strapon (big) give her loads of pain!!. -
Sep 7, 2003 The more I look at Abbey, the better I like her. Perfect natural blond. Her skin doesn't color up as much as most blonds, but that's not her fault. She takes some hard ass whipping. A true submissive, I loved the face slapping. Chatra's spit on her face shows her true slave nature.More Abbey please. -
Sep 7, 2003 brilliant! Abbey looks stunning as always and Chanta held the intensity extremely well, additionaly havin Abbey demean herself whilst being fucked was a definite bonus. more scenarios with Abbey please.... -
Sep 7, 2003 Yeah!I agree she should have been doing the cleaning with the feather duster up her ass,more degrading overall with the scene,more face slapping,a more stern Chanta,and what about those big breasts they were completly forgoten,they should have been slapped 100 times,Chanta it's time for you to be punished for your leniency,call mistress Gemini to arrange a session she will fix your pretty white backside. -
Sep 7, 2003 You have such a magnificient dungeon; why do you make such silly porn-settings? -
Sep 8, 2003 yeah a great shot, abbey is cute, and agree chanta should be fucked in the ass, after a good slapping of her asshole and cunt, while her cuntlips and nipples are clammped, -
Sep 8, 2003 Abbey is quite hot. I enjoy seeing her abused BUT I like more bondage. AND while I very much enjoy Chanta, I would have enjoyed this recent update much more if Abbey and Chanta had both been subjected to a bondage/torture/punishment/forced penetration(etc)session by a pissed-off buxom Black Dominatrix. I've only seen one scene where a Female Black Dom was included but her role was very minimal. You guys have had a few Sub-fem-black girls. Give me a killer session with a bad assed Black Girl opening a can-o-whoop-ass on at least two of your beautiful blond subbies. Thanks ! -
Sep 9, 2003 it was great !!! i loved the boot worship and the spiting !!! nice work !!! -
Sep 10, 2003 personally i like the strap on stuff...its one of the reasons i joined....i think they should keep a variety of things in each scene so they can reach a wider audience....definately keep the spanking and whipping...but keep the extra too -
Sep 10, 2003 great fun thanks -
Sep 13, 2003 Not Bad - Missed the feet caning :( -
Sep 13, 2003 sorry, but i don't see any intresting -
Sep 21, 2003 LOVE IT!!!! The outfits are amazing and Chanta is a goddess :) -
Sep 28, 2003 Abbey is the prettiest girl I have ever seen. -
Oct 9, 2003 esa pinche vieja esta rebuena.... de donde la sakaron mendigos... malallon me iciera un wawi... -
Oct 11, 2003 great -
Oct 18, 2003 very beautiful, very arousing! -
Dec 4, 2003 h -
Dec 15, 2003 nombre esa vieja esta rebuena... asi komo pa kuliarla y no olvidarlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... ke numero de tel tiene??? -
Dec 27, 2003 esa donde nibles megali ine para poly orea ke votza me nero -
Aug 23, 2004 I agree with ralph,some kissing,FORCED KISSING and TOUNGE SUCKING!!! -
Aug 24, 2004 Abbey, you are georgous and your body is perfection. Those black shiny stockings were made for you. do with me as you wish! -
Jan 3, 2005 Oh whatta a mother-fucking bitch.....she deserves to be fucked in front of her own mother.....while her mother herself is being fucked by a donkey's prick......good cunt with good arsehold worth to be fucked by a dozen pricks... -
Jan 3, 2005 She in fact looks like my OWN MOTHER....How nice it would if My mother is forced to pose for such shots.....what do ya say???? -
Oct 8, 2005 Abbey is gorgeous - nearly as lovely as Chanta, which is probably why Chanta is so pissed off with her. Also Abbey is real feisty, which is a BIG mistake on her part, when up against a dom. of Chantas attitude. The more I see of Chantas shoots the more I love her. -
Jan 1, 2006 Abbey is one of the most beautiful girl I'v ever seen, why only 3 shots with her on all the sites? Is she still around? Abbey come back please !!!!!! -
Aug 14, 2006 I wouldn't mind Abbey warming my bed this winter! -
Apr 27, 2009 Goddess Chanta is still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen on this site. It's all I can do to keep from blowing my load after only a few short minutes. I've never cried during orgasm except when I'm stroking it to her... and now I'm divorced. Praise be to you, Goddess Chanta! Your beauty surpasses all boundaries! Great! (5)