Viking and Sasha Monet

Oct 24, 2003 - and

Welcome to the private lives of Sasha Monet, and Viking. We invited them both to our set, being long time friends we asked that they play for a while as we filmed. The chemistry between them as friends is evident. This 18-minute update is presented to you as extra weekend update, and is very different from our normal updates. This is what two friends who love bondage do when the doors are closed. Thanks Sasha and Viking for a sneak peek in.

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Oct 24, 2003 I agree with m_sorokahdeen. This is refreshing - a change of pace and I REALLY like the two of them together. Gee, maybe this could be a sitcom called "Friends." (kidding) No, it's a nice bonus update and I appreciate it. Good (4)
Oct 25, 2003 fucking tickle her feet! She's amazing... and perfect tits. Please tickle the shit out her next time.... Fair (3)
Oct 25, 2003 nice but too nice? give her to matt or torque? Fair (3)
Oct 25, 2003 Suks What happend to caining and pain. Orgasm only gets a big no? Rather give us what we came for pain & endurance! Orgasm is a sub section of that not the other way around Poor (1)
Oct 27, 2003 Having worked for Insex for 3 years, as rigger and video person, Im very familiar with Insex. As a matter of fact if you look at this weeks update (Insex) you will find an article that has NO SM activities what so ever! None.&ltbr&gt This site is about variety! Some days we will have pain, others great bondage, others a sexual theme, always changing. We need to please many members not just one or two. This was a good EXTRA weekend update, and a good change of pace. Thank you Viking (former Insex performer) and Sasha! Nicely done.&ltbr&gt Matt Good (4)
Oct 27, 2003 THE most authentic set you've ever done and recognisable as such by any on here that are more than just wannabees. great nipples [again !!] and good to see some manual fingering instead of all the weird contraptions- just like at home so to speak.How long before we see some digit insertion and erections like on ure other sites ? More like this please- all fakers and overactors take note. Shame it was too short, and that she obviously was not so pain tolerent. Good (4)
Nov 3, 2003 This was nice for a one update wonder. But, seeing this viking cat handling women is like watching the guy calking my bathroom handle girls that I pay money to see Dominated preferably by women. Loose the pony tail, try a triple edge and for god sake ENOUGH OF THE TWINE!!! Sheesh... Poor (1)
Nov 3, 2003 Oh forgive Me, he actually used real ROPE this time. Thank GOD. I wont watch any of these videos. I hate seeing hacks tying up their squeezes even though that's not his MAIN squeeze, it still blows.. Go back home viking and dont come back, WAR Chanta, and HOGTIED RULES!! Poor (1)
Nov 8, 2003 Nice hairdo, beautiful views, pretty pussy! Good (4)
Nov 10, 2003 Sasha is very beautiful, and has that oh so tie-able figure I like. I love the way she goes about submitting with a fun playful attitude. Good (4)
Nov 20, 2003 I am an old member who just came back. Same old thing, NO GAG! What a bummer Poor (1)
Nov 25, 2003 Sasha is beautifu[. A lovely body! A wonderful plaything, everyone should have one for christmas please. I would like her to put me through, pain and pleasure, Great! (5)
Nov 27, 2003 Teriffic, if the elbows can come closed together is an extra, thank! Good (4)
Nov 27, 2003 Thank! mizwingli! some people just don't know how to enjoy life! Good (4)
Nov 27, 2003 She's just so lovely, wish she could spend the X-Mas night with me and some ropes. Is she had a email? Good (4)
Nov 27, 2003 wonderful girl, nice tits!!!! why's it still sucks bigtime??? Good (4)
Nov 29, 2003 because a lot of us like the close-ups, that's why Great! (5)
Dec 1, 2003 yawn... she is such a cute subject, such a waste of pixels. the photographer and so called dom could have use a lesson or two hundred. There is so much more you could have done with her. More than half, maybe 3/4 of this website is really about porn, not about BDSM. Porn is not BDSM. Many of you don't get it. that includes the audience too. I'm disillusioned with this whole site. I may quit my membership very soon. Fair (3)
Dec 1, 2003 Yawn... Fair (3)
Dec 1, 2003 Such a waste of girl toy. You guys suck! Fair (3)
Dec 9, 2003 good bitch nice tits Fair (3)
Dec 15, 2003 This is reaaly beautiful Great! (5)
Apr 17, 2004 can you get better tits - i dont think so - they just sit there and radiate sex saying touch me now Great! (5)
Apr 17, 2004 timbre - you are right twelve more photos; same problem - YOU Great! (5)
Apr 17, 2004 timbre if you hated it so much why didn't you give it 1-sucks bigtime insead of 2 Great! (5)
May 30, 2004 Sascha is a phantastic lady and she is well treated by Viking. We like the shoots and would like to encourage you to show more like this. Forget about insane comments from horrid subjects of golf or the like. Great! (5)
May 30, 2004 Perfect model, perfect treated. Gratulations Viking, wonderful workout. That's what we are looking for not all that fogging shit. This are ladies make them feel helpless but treat them with respect! Great! (5)
May 30, 2004 Great job, wonderful lady, nice pictures. Just we would like to see more close ups of wet pussies and puffy nipples. Would love to see more from brunette ladies and especially from Sascha Monet. Great! (5)
May 30, 2004 My oh my, a goddess!!! What a lady. Love to see Viking bringing her to orgasm. Great! (5)
May 30, 2004 Sascha is overwhelming. Treated with respect, that's what we want to see. Just would like to see more tickling, vibrators and close ups of juicy wet pussies. Great! (5)
Mar 24, 2005 More clamps Below average (2)
Feb 4, 2006 schönes modell Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2006 toll der rote arsch Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2006 hervorragedn. schöne sklavin. die roten haare sind gut. Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2006 alles zum reinbeißen bei dem modell Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2006 einmalig schöne sklavin Great! (5)
Jul 8, 2006 ja sehr schöne sklavenvotze. Great! (5)
Jul 8, 2006 immer drauf auf die geile klitty. Great! (5)
Jul 8, 2006 geile sklavenvotze. ihr habt es ihr mal wieder richtig besorgt. Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2006 schönes modell Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2006 hervorragedn. schöne sklavin. die roten haare sind gut. Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2006 alles zum reinbeißen bei dem modell Great! (5)
Feb 4, 2006 einmalig schöne sklavin Great! (5)
Jul 8, 2006 ja sehr schöne sklavenvotze. Great! (5)
Dec 1, 2007 I just wish that vibrator can be placed inside her, not just onto her. Fair (3)
Dec 15, 2007 The model was very attractive. Otherwise I found this distinctly unexceptionable. Below average (2)
Oct 24, 2014 She is Pam Dawber as a sub. Gorgeous. -