Melissa Dettwiller

Jan 26, 2001 -

We flew Trish Wells all the way from Memphis to San Francisco becuase of her amazing anal abilities. She had not been here long before we realized our investment was justified! Check out the best anal penetration I've ever, firm and no dudes hairy ass in the way! She also took the King Kong Dong with ease and the Big Black Dong (partially). Let it be known: we are looking for someone to take this black dong completely.

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Jul 4, 2001 Come on Kikki take all. -
Jul 4, 2001 This girl is the great! does she use anything bigger? I got to see more of Kikki. -
Jul 4, 2001 Love the ass shot. -
Jul 2, 2001 they don't cum any hotter than this babe -
Apr 5, 2001 Great closeups. Love that red swollen pussy and erect clit. -
Feb 22, 2001 the zip idea is good but the checkbox option is tiresome; might as well put each serial in one zipfile. -
Feb 22, 2001 Ive got to get one of these for the wife so she can get fucked while I watch tv! -
Feb 17, 2001 Good grief!! I thought the anal violator was the absolute best until I was this set of Trish taking it up both openings!! This woman is incredible!! Hopefully she didn't melt the dildos. I mean, there are beautiful sexy women and then there are women who are sexual dynamos; but Trish is more than that - she's perfect! Where did you ever find this little babe? -
Feb 17, 2001 Trish is the absolute best. I don't think I have ever seen am more beautiful woman with a more beautiful body than Trish; and if that isn't enough you treat her to the anal violator, and she can't get enough!! I think she "came" a dozen times minimum. Bring her back for more! -
Feb 17, 2001 This gal is on fire!! Great!! Next time tie her down to the sling and just ram the big black one home, or maybe put her on her hands and knees and turn it on high. -
Feb 17, 2001 When can we expect more Trish. She is absolutely fantastic. That fresh young face, great tanned skin and totally wicked body - no one better!! But if that isn't enough, she attacks the machines with such energy - I thought she would pass out from the excitement (I almost did). MORE TRISH!!! -
Feb 16, 2001 Pete Lad This girl looks great, I'm goin to have a look at Nikki next. Keep it up Man, Literally Dave -
Aug 28, 2001 lets see it all the way in! -
Dec 7, 2001 she has got the hootest ass -
Dec 9, 2001 Two words...GAPING HOLES!! This site would ROCK! -
Dec 30, 2001 i dont like this gal!i prefer brunettes!but hey im not picky! -
Feb 27, 2002 Wonderful asshold, and beautiful girl. -
Mar 3, 2002 all that work and no results? madmac knows what im talkin bout -
Mar 18, 2002 ASS_GREAT!!!!!!!! -
Apr 1, 2002 Oh honey what a shame it's too big to go in your vagina. I'd love to see it stretch your poor puss -
May 18, 2002 She likes it in the asshole -
Jun 6, 2002 you're too lame to shoot any interesting photos...i think! -
Jul 27, 2002 Trish is made for love, all her body ask for it and i do envy the operator. What can we poor men like us do and compete with FM. I think Trish may kill several lovers every day with her sex appeal and her abilities to get filled with every hole. I dream i'm one of those machines that invade Trish marvellous body !! -
Aug 14, 2002 Fantastic - would like to meet her to treat her with 8inch -
Jul 3, 2001 Trish is HOT HOT HOT I would like to take KING KONG up the ass at 350 -
Jun 16, 2001 Fuckin' outstanding!!! -
Apr 15, 2001 i would like to have that big black dong ramming my ass -
Apr 6, 2001 most sites are more than 12.95 a month so quicher bitchin the vids are SO hot i cant belive it -
Mar 25, 2001 The bandwidth is super slow and is almost a ripoff!! If you're gonna charge so much for membership, you should atleast have the bandwidth to support the membership!!! -
Mar 8, 2001 the video is to short and there is no penitration but we are going to build the SWING thnx -
Feb 22, 2001 Trish is better than any Playboy Bunny. Best I've ever seen, and an insatiable sexual appetite to boot. I'll bet she takes the bigblackmonster all the way in her next shoot (by the way when is that next shoot?) More Trish and the anal violator MORE MORE MORE!! -
Feb 19, 2001 Well it's nice but i'd like to see these women get fucked a bit harder,please. -
Feb 16, 2001 my boyfriends asked me to send this. Trish you are great, but you ARE being exploited. And no, Simon, I won't do that. -
Feb 7, 2001 Fly me out there and I'll take that BLACKMONSTER all the way in my ass...I want that machine!!! -
Feb 5, 2001 hey toolman, trish DID take the kk--easily i might add, at least that what the update page said, and from the pics it looks like she took it like a woman! is this not the hottest damn little girl around-----BREATHTAKING body, BEAUTIFUL face, and likes her asshole violently invaded!!!----hey does anyone know if she's married---or if she wants to be? -
Feb 5, 2001 Trish is awesome..I bet she could take KK with enough time. The site is awesome...TRish is a excellent compliment to Tawny -
Feb 3, 2001 Trish Wells = HOT SEX!!! Can't say it any better than that! -
Feb 2, 2001 THAT'S the girl that should be on the main page, banners, etc.----she is the EPITOMY of what this site is all about! It doesn't get any hotter than this feline nymph!!! -
Feb 2, 2001 Very impressive people. This girl could be a playboy bunny and is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! She is not only the most beautiful girl on this site, but she's also insatiable---she's doing with the machines what everyone else WANTS to see be done with the machines. Good to see a girl with that sexual appetite and supermodel looks to boot! MORE OF HER PLEASE!!!!! -
Feb 2, 2001 INCREDIBLE!!!!! -
Jan 30, 2001 MORE bigblackmonster! -
Jan 29, 2001 Waouaouaouhhhhhhhhh!!!please make video tapes. Il love when there is double penetration. -
Jan 27, 2001 WOW WOW WOW -
Jan 27, 2001 Holy shit! That's all I gotta say! -
Jan 27, 2001 You have a kinked-out, cool site! As far as can tell, you're working to make it even better- KEEP IT UP. -
Jan 27, 2001 Trish is an excellent addition to the site. She has the polished look of a major adult star, rather than the rawness exhibited by most "amateur" talent. I would not mind longer download/buffer times in order to get longer, more contiguous videos. Overall, the camera angles can be improved. Take a look at John Leslie's recent stuff;) -
Jan 27, 2001 I'm a woman and I'd love to have kingkong in both holes!! she's excellent -
Jan 27, 2001 This girl is absolutely! HOT! HOT! HOT! She deserves a 10+ I can understand why you flew her in from Nashville! Tennesse her I come! -
Jan 26, 2001 a realy nice girl -
Aug 9, 2001 how about bigblack in her juicy pussy and kong up her asshole hard and fast while she is tied and helpless -
Aug 12, 2001 Trish actually takes the head of the Big Black Monster in her gorgeous pussy. Look at her face when she does it; she loves it. I love watching this babe do it all. Thank you Trish! -
Aug 12, 2001 This magnificent specimen of womanhood has one of the finest most gorgeous derrieres I have ever seen. And, I have definitely not seen a woman who loves it deep, deep in her derriere like exotic and erotic Trish. Several rounds of sets of three cheers for Trish and the folks at Fuking Machines that found her!!! -
Aug 17, 2001 too much Hair (on Kong, not on Trish) -
Oct 28, 2001 Trish is fucking amazing. I would not beilieve any of this was possible if I didnt see for myself. The anal work and double penetration was awesome. I rank her anal work better than tawny and thats not taking any thing away from tawny because she was fucking great. If you could design machines that ejaculate hot oil into these ladies lovely orifices on their command Ibelieve it would increase their pleasures even more. some guys jerking off on the models would be great too -
Nov 2, 2001 Show us the shit which is dripping out of her ass -
Nov 21, 2001 Outstanding !!! -
Jan 25, 2002 UUUUFFFFFFFFFF!!!!simply, the best, you are beautiful, perfect body, i loved your ass and, i hope you give us more of you. kisses in your ass, from chile. sorry about my english. -
Jan 30, 2002 OH MY GAAAWD!!!! Keep it up!! ----< THIS SITE ROX >---- -
Mar 15, 2002 Ooohhh!!!What a wonderful vision this gorgeous slut in black stockings and amazing high hills!!! How sweetly she handles the fucking dildoes penetrated in the venerable holes between her legs!!! MMMmmm!!!Her tits, her cunt, her ass are the musicians of a perfect orchestra of sex playing the symphony of her glorious orgasm. AAAaaahhh!!!I can't stop cumming... -
Apr 18, 2002 dildos avec poires qui font grossir le dildo sur commande de la fille OK elle est terrible -
May 11, 2002 hmmm, der dicke schwarze gummischwanz wäre jetzt genau das richtige........ -
May 27, 2002 wirklich sehr nette videos *gg* -
Jul 5, 2002 Hmmm.... Why do people automatically assume that its the servers that are so slow rather then their own connections? Especially if it's Cable? Hey Nuwanda, be thankful that there is such a site as The people behind all this are Gawds, as far as I'm concerned. Yoo would do well to bow yer head. Thx. Although....methinks that Nu has renewed his/her membership a few times, already. ;-) Heehee.... Jeah.... One of these movies alone is enough to sustain me fer a whole month. ;-o Terrific stuff. =-) Oh, an' LMFAO @ beer. =-) -
Aug 24, 2002 OK so it's a big sonnofabitch, but Tish barely managed to get the head of the bigblackmonster into her pussy. Trixie took it more than halfway in. Care to try again, Trish? By the way, was that blood on the floor? -
Sep 4, 2002 Perfekt, aber warum ladet ihr nicht einmal TY ein, Sie lässt den gesamten KingKong in Ihrer Muschi verschwinden.... -
Dec 6, 2002 yeak! -
Feb 12, 2003 I agree to gaijin - especially as the small thumbnails don't allow for a decision, which one of several repetitive pictures might be better! -
Feb 14, 2003 only 8 inchs, lol -
Feb 14, 2003 To the fucking morons bitching about slow bandwidth. Wake up and smell your asshole since yer heads up your ass. GET A FUCKING REAL CONNECTION MORONS. There is nothing wrong with the site. It's your sucky, low budget, cheap ass modem. You would probably bitch that the files are only three seconds after you are happy to download them in one hour. Files are beautiful and sized well. Very manageable with any high speed connection. -
Mar 18, 2003 I would love to see her take it all the way and anal my wife would do it an would try it anal, wild girl but nikki is very wild looking to -
Aug 6, 2003 enjoyed every moment!!!! -
Aug 30, 2003 Good job love the anal stuff. -
Sep 8, 2003 You guys'll think I'm weird, but it's her *mouth* that's incredibly sexy. That curl of her lip as she gasps in exstasy... -
May 1, 2004 fuck me -
Aug 21, 2004 Trish is really good and good looking -
Oct 1, 2004 Hard to get into -
May 27, 2005 I have not words...absolutely....DANTESCO!!! -
Jul 15, 2005 I envy either machine... -
Jul 21, 2005 trish,you have done well but trix out does ya,take it like a real women and your reviews will be much better. eagle -
Nov 12, 2005 This big girl can't even take the head of the monster...get one of the little skinny girls to show her how to take a big dildo. -
Jun 10, 2006 i would love to come back in my next life as a permanent buttplug in her ass! heading for this is right... no hairy dudes in the way... big reason i love this site... chics, toys, anal, no dudes, = christmas.. bring her back on a weekly basis please -
Nov 12, 2006 very good -
May 11, 2002 hmmm, der dicke schwarze gummischwanz wäre jetzt genau das richtige........ -
Sep 4, 2002 Perfekt, aber warum ladet ihr nicht einmal TY ein, Sie lässt den gesamten KingKong in Ihrer Muschi verschwinden.... -
Sep 3, 2007 Very nice this vintage anal fucking. Good job Peter! -
Aug 6, 2009 she,s the hottest of all in here Great! (5)
Feb 28, 2010 This girl is a 10!!! Great! (5)
Jul 9, 2010 again, not abig fan of the boobjobs but this girl was pretty hot. taking that one toy as big as her arm, then trying to take that gigantic black monster (if only she could've gotten it in further than just the head ) melissa's pretty hot & if she'd do what carmen elektra did and get breast reduction she'd be perfect! but we can't dwell on what's already done. Great! (5)
Feb 5, 2012 I LOVE Her!!! Great! (5)
Dec 27, 2013 I'm glad you guys have cum a long way since being forced to accept "stars" like this guy, girl, it thing, whatever. This looks like a dude with fake knockers and a twat that can't be penetrated. Poor (1)