The Neglected Wife

Mar 1, 2011 - , and

Sienna West gets stood up by her husband, Steve Holmes, and invites Kelly Devine over to cheer her up. Kelly has always been attracted to Sienna and seduces her into having kinky anal sex. Then Steve comes home and catches both girls naked on the sofa. He accusses Kelly of trying to convert his wife into a lesbian. This however strangely turns him on and he decides to sexually punish both women. A kinky threesome follows with Sienna and Kelly getting fucked deep in their asses!

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Mar 1, 2011 Two SUPERSTARS for the same shoot. That's a nice gift for the fans. KELLY and SIENNA are awesome. Good role play and two of the most beautiful BUTTS of the industry. Thank you. Great! (5)
Mar 1, 2011 looks good! Good (4)
Mar 1, 2011 Models are great. It looks like this site has just turned into the run of the mill anal site nothing too original. EB seams to run the same script back to back with a few changes from shoot to shoot. Would love to se the original EB back when it was everything butt enemas, anal hooks, large insertions, anal spreaders. The honey comb must have been thrown out. Please revisit some of the old shoots please those are the ones that got my membership. Week to week I hope to see an original shoot but continue to be let down. Not sure i will be a member when mine membership is expired Fair (3)
Mar 1, 2011 Where is the enema? Good (4)
Mar 1, 2011 Rev this site has been this way for over a year and the enemas Gummi those are gone as well. Fair (3)
Mar 2, 2011 What the hell? Kelly was practically begging Sienna to give her ass a hard, rough, whipping and she got "nothin". When you match these seasoned veterans up with the newcummers the difference in skills is really jarring. Somebody needs to really step back and decide how we get back to hardcore anal pleasures. Poor (1)
Mar 2, 2011 The ass talent on display here was awesome and the mood was sexy in line with the setting. Great to see quality ass play in a loving environment. Makes a change from the mostly pain and punishment routines which have their place but can get over represented. Still, whether a harsh or friendly ambience,the impact of any update for me is down to the quality of the girl's asses. Here they were generous and shapely. Some punters I think would like to see girls get flogged. I say. Leave the flogging to the viewers. Great! (5)
Mar 2, 2011 A brunette taking it in the ass. Yes!!! Great! (5)
Mar 2, 2011 Beautiful models! Great episode! Great! (5)
Mar 3, 2011 I must compliment the director on the good camera angles and close ups of these beautiful butts. I"m still drooling over the wonderful kuckmal gape of kelly's asshole at 8 56 in scene 5. This is top of the mountain stuff and can we please see more of it in future updates. Great! (5)
Mar 3, 2011 despite the fact this is lookin more and more like mainstream brazzers porn or some shit.. and theres a little too much fake titty action goin on here- it gets highly rated cos KELLY IS THE SHIznit! Good (4)
Mar 4, 2011 models are nice, but EB lost its originality. same script always. butt enemas that was cool. Fair (3)
Mar 7, 2011 Nothing special at all... Below average (2)
Mar 9, 2011 Beautiful talent. A little disappointing though. Great! (5)
Mar 10, 2011 two sexy womans, and a sexy booty, but with final nothing very hot, I am quite sad to see this video very classic Poor (1)
Mar 14, 2011 I LOVE 3somes but again the ending for me is a let down...2 beautiful women...plenty of hot action (more ball licking while one of the ladies is assfucked please)...but now felching cum straight out of the ass...isn't this website called EVERYTHING butt? Good (4)
Apr 12, 2011 i loved it, both gals getting fucked with a strap-on. it was great Great! (5)
Jun 4, 2011 Anyone who gave this session below average needs to have their head checked. Are you all alive at all? The shoot was fan-fucking-tastic! Period. Fuck what you heard, this is the real deal here! Great work! Great! (5)
Jun 18, 2011 standard porn, no ass whipping, it's a good shoot for a regular site not for EB Poor (1)
Jul 24, 2011 fullbore sex stars - tits, pussies, and - most important - asses. lovely girls! Good (4)
Aug 2, 2011 west is best!!! Great! (5)
Dec 12, 2011 Sienna is just an amazing hot woman. Please more of her! Great! (5)
Jul 12, 2012 nice Great! (5)
Mar 19, 2013 approved Great! (5)
Mar 2, 2015 two biggest latins!! bigs tits and bigs butts, nice!!! Great! (5)
Jul 16, 2015 No Video near the end... Great! (5)
Sep 22, 2015 more of kelly ,huge sexy ass Great! (5)