Sebastian Keyes vs Cliff Jensen

Mar 30, 2011 - and

With a chiseled body, handsome face, huge cock and a background that includes wrestling, mixed martial arts and Jujutsu, Cliff Jensen is brand new to NK and promises to smash down NK veteran Sebastian Keyes and then fuck him like a little bitch. NK powerhouse Sebastian is a three-time black belt and has been know to destroy his opponent on the NK mat and then use their cock and ass for his pleasure. Will Cliff be celebrating his first win by tearing up Sebastian's tight hole or will Sebastian humiliate Cliff by fucking him up on the mat and then using him as his giant fuck toy? This is one match that's guaranteed to leave everyone drenched in sweat and covered in cum.

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Apr 17, 2014 Shut your fuckin' mouth; you're a fuckin' dildo--one of the best dominant bottom lines ever!!!!!! Thanks Sebastian. (I know, I'm catching up on the archived stuff) Great! (5)
May 6, 2011 Cliff was quiet good, considering it was his first match. He did make some reversals and give Sebastian a good run for his money. I can see he win lots of matches if he gets used to the point system and learn more holds. Great! (5)
Apr 23, 2011 Ooops .... spelled Sebastian Keyes. I would rate him in the 'Top 5' ~~~ NK wrestling. Great! (5)
Apr 23, 2011 S. Keys is always great in his matches. Newcomer, Cliff Jensen, is HOT. Nice hard-ons and intimate sex. Great! (5)
Apr 9, 2011 Just got to watch this match. One of the best, wrestling went on throughout the match, few pauses. Great action from both. Cliff has a beautifully defined body. It was so good to see them both maintain their wood during round 3. Really enjoyed the oral in Rd. 4. Love to see them fight again. Cliff will make a fantastic addition to your lineup. Enjoyed seeing the winner doing what he wanted with the loser. Great! (5)
Apr 8, 2011 This was a very good match both with strenth and very sexy. Sebastians is clearly a very good wrestler and always loves cumming out on top and he is good at that. Now Cliff is also very good and he is also very sexy and I bet will be a great wrestler here on Naked Kombat. He is real good and I believe will work up the ladder to make a great wrestler. Great match, Bill from Vermont Great! (5)
Apr 5, 2011 Usually more of a sex round kinda guy, but loved the Match this time. Really great matched. Still am a firm believer in "Loser gets fucked" though, so that didn't sit too well with me. Liked the dirty talk, and think I even saw Sebastian spitting in Cliffs face a couple times during the match which was hot. Overall a good match, decent sex round. Real nice to see these guys together, just would have liked to see a bit more domination on Sebastians part. Good (4)
Apr 4, 2011 Well done! I like Cliff, he's a cutie. He fights well fucks well. I hope to see him again. Great! (5)
Apr 4, 2011 very nice and sexy ,ome would like to see fuckung Great! (5)
Apr 2, 2011 Should have been switched, he would have been much hotter dominating versus just sitting there. Blehhh. GIVE ME ADONIS!!! Great! (5)
Apr 1, 2011 Claude40, please contact support for all technical issues. The pictures download is working so it has something to do with your browser etc. They can walk you through it. Thank you, Van Great! (5)
Mar 31, 2011 The wrestling was great, the bodies were beautiful, the end of each round you showed those great asses, more of that!! You could see that Sebastians ass was tight, how wonderful, and please bring Cliff back he has this wonderful body!!We want more of these two!!! Great! (5)
Mar 31, 2011 Could someone please fix the pictures download problem of this episode ?!? Great! (5)
Mar 31, 2011 I agree jpbowie when saying that Cliff's cock were honorably revealed by Sebastien.That was the relevance of round 4. Now concerning the match and in my opinion: we have two interesting guys here. One for his determination and strengh, the other one for his body and his beauty. So now we found here the replacement to Hayden Russo. I'd say that if I wanted to be caustic a little! Great! (5)
Mar 31, 2011 I would have to give excellent for the visuals - 2 beautiful guys with some really hot grappling - I'm glad Sebastian saw the worth in Cliff's cock - truly a prize to be used! Great! (5)
Mar 31, 2011 The match was great. Considering that this was Cliff's first time on NK, he did a fabulous job. Sebastian had the advantage with his many times on NK and his backgroud as a black belt champion in the martial arts . Both wrestler's gave bravo performances. Great! (5)
Mar 31, 2011 Fantastic match! Unfortunately I had subscribed to your site just to see Cliff getting fucked... There must be a cheater in the house :) Maybe next time... By the way: there is a problem with the downloading of pictures with this episode - could you please fix it? Great! (5)
Mar 31, 2011 i want some of that so bad Great! (5)
Mar 31, 2011 Loved Sebastion using Cliff as his human dildo!!! I love you Cliff. I just missed hearing that sexy voice. Next time you win, you can dirty talk and verbally abuse your loser. Great match and Sebastion is a force to be reckoned with. Great! (5)
Mar 30, 2011 Oh I agree with iconic. I'm waiting for DJ and Brenn to go one-on-one against each other! Great! (5)
Mar 30, 2011 Two hot hunks in a great match up showing that they are equally aggresive, scrappy, and agile. This is a most enjoyable match. Understandably Sebastian would have some advantage after 6 matches to Cliff's first. But Cliff must have watched and learned from the archive videos. He's a keeper! And as I've said before, it's not about who gets fucked, but who calls the shots. The winner controls the sex action. Really enjoyed this one! Great! (5)
Mar 30, 2011 Two young handsome energetic wrestlers giving a great enjoyable performance! Thanks, NK. Great! (5)
Mar 30, 2011 Wait Cliff didn't win ?! You gotta be kidding me . I anted to see cliff humiliate Sebastian :/ Fair (3)
Mar 30, 2011 What I loved about this match: 1. Opening Interview: These guys came off as real and masculine, without any awkward posturing or pseudomacho BS (eg, bar fights). 2. No pony riding. 3. No DJ. (Next time he appears, I hope it's against Brenn Wyson) Great! (5)