Dirty Girls Doing Dirty Things With Machines

Lorelei Lee and Lily LaBeau are still at each other. Pawing, licking, fucking. It's hard to separate the two of them during this live show.
In this update we see how much Lorelei can take in her pussy and ass.
First Lorelei teases Lily with the Fucksall and then lets her fuck her with The Little Guy for a nice, creamy pussy orgasm. Once Lily is all riled up and ready to fuck, she drives a thick black cock into Lorelei's ass and lets the machine do the pounding while she does the rimming.

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Jan 3, 2011 Thank you KINK! love the G-G action. please bring us more! Great! (5)
Jan 3, 2011 Lovely girls, more please! Great! (5)
Jan 3, 2011 this was an awesome shoot i hope theres more to it. Great! (5)
Jan 3, 2011 LORELEI and LILY, two of the most beautiful and sexy models. With the experience of LORELEI and the good and horny "student" LILY, the shoot could just be AWESOME. Thank you so much to the models and thank you TOMCAT. Great! (5)
Jan 4, 2011 very sexy, and also great fun!Lorelei is a classic, and Lily looks set to join her... just how can Tomcat hold the machines down and not lose focus? superhuman? private tysts with selected models after the show? i think we shoudl be told! Great! (5)
Jan 4, 2011 Wow, I'm all sweaty how can that be? Ha...ha.! Great! (5)
Jan 4, 2011 Lorelei is the best! Keep the Lorelei scenes coming. Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2011 Wow... Hot and hotter. :) Great! (5)
Jan 7, 2011 You two ladies were great. Lily,I love the part when you started to talk to Lorelei and then put your finger inside of her. You can tell that the interaction was just that more exciting to her. Very hot ladies. Great! (5)
Jan 8, 2011 Love Lorelei Lee. Awesome shoot. More. Great! (5)
Jan 13, 2011 Great chemistry between Lorelei and Lily. Lorelei looks to have a wicked sense of fun. Longer shoot next time please as this was very short - very hot - but short! Great! (5)
Jan 14, 2011 wow - Lorilei let me feel love at first site only followed up by lusting for her and loving every feature - to bad im so dam old. I love her every look and how she comes and hugs after so one of my all time favorites! Great! (5)