Trent Diesel
Bound and suspended upside down while brutally fucke

May 13, 2011 - and

Sexy, ripped stud Trent Diesel is marched into a huge room packed with strangers, who fondle and grope him until he's quivering with lust. Next he's suspended upside down and fucked by a fucking machine while having his mouth fucked by a line of guys with huge cocks. After he's rewarded with a face full of cum, he's locked into a stockade where he is helpless and submits to whatever the crowd inflicts on him. Trent ends up bound to a revolving turntable where the now frenzied group take turns spinning him around as they fucking his face and ass before they shoot their loads all over his beautiful body.

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Nov 9, 2011 Trent super hottie Great! (5)
Sep 6, 2011 Topdog9888 is right. Audiences are marginal and mostly non-participatory - not to mention old, overweight and small dicked. Plus, guys like Nick Moretti and Christian are too frequently present and largely just cruel -- and Christian is a very early twenty-something with amateur tatoos: like that full back giraffe makes him a real man! Not! BTW, I will go further: It is pointless to ask Van questions here at the site. They are never answered. Suggestions? They go unanswered as well. My sense so far is that while there are various erotic moments here, there is no interaction. The one or two times I have been critical, my criticisms have been dismissed and deleted. I am amazed that topdog9888 was allowed to say what he did and get away with it since June! Perhaps it is because Van & Company overlooked it even though they swear they read all of the feedback! Yeah, right! Great! (5)
Aug 17, 2011 I love Trent!!! Please make more bound in public with him!!!! Great! (5)
Jul 7, 2011 Fantastic!! Great! (5)
Jun 23, 2011 A scene like this, the audience must have been invited or selected or won a raffel, I am not sure how they are selected but could we please try and select them a little better? This is all about reality fantasy, every single person paying to watch this site would at some time have their dick in their hand. Why then in this audiance do we have bellow average guys fully clothed sitting around like they are watching a Sunday matinee with the kids? I don't expect or want for that matter to have a Cold Studio bred audience but it would be nice when your almost ready to blow a load you don't see some over weight beary guy JO off. Its just a big turn off. Also the audience, all of them, must be willing to feel up, play with, eat out and fuck the boy. There should have been 20 guys pushing each other aside to feel up the boy at the start not run away to the back of the crowed and hope not to be noticed. 30 tops and 1 bottom boy, thats how it should have been. At least 10 guys in the audience should have been sent home to bed. Great! (5)
Jun 15, 2011 Trent is responsive and sexy as always. The man is impressive at how much he can take. Great shoot. Whoever the big man with curly hair was, bring him back as a Dom on Bound Gods or Bound in Public, he has great chemistry! Great! (5)
Jun 8, 2011 This guy is awesome! Great! (5)
May 24, 2011 OMG - Trent as cute and beautiful and sexy and great as always :-) Great! (5)
May 20, 2011 This was an outstanding show! Loved the blindfold sequence but would have liked for Trent to have been blindfolded when he was upside down for the machine to have increased the "unknown" sensations. Slaveformuscle has the right idea with the "spin the body" game. I was thinking of that while watching the turntable sequence. A truly rousing success! Many years ago I heard the addage: If at first you don't succeed . . . keep on sucking!!!!!!!!! Great! (5)
May 18, 2011 as always trent is amazing! Great! (5)
May 16, 2011 WOW!!! amazing shoot....... Great! (5)
May 15, 2011 I liked it a lot. I'd like to second buckb222's motion - PLEASE bring back the muscular guy with tatts and curly hair. Great! (5)
May 15, 2011 Was thinking with the turntable you shoulda played "Spin the boy." Get a bunch of guys to stand in a circle, spin the turntable and whoever his hole ends up facing gets to fuck him next. :) Great! (5)
May 15, 2011 Je regrette parfois d'etre limite a cinq notes et de ne pouvoir aller au-dela de "great" quand je me trouve devant une reussite aussi remarquable que la session de cette semaine, Mr Van nous offrant la une de ses reussites les plus accomplies. Le lieu retenu - un hall de l'Armorial - n'est certes pas "public" au sens propre du terme, mais il permet de conjuguer efficacement les deux thèmes du site: "bound" et "in public". Pour le bondage, les accessoires sont à portée de main, et leur apparition est tout à fait naturelle; on admettra le recyclage d'une machine de BMB, j'apprécie davantage les variations inédites sur le thème du pilori. Le public, nombreux et actif, est choisi en connaissance de cause: les habitues du "premier cercle" ne sont pas trop envahissants, tandis que plusieurs participants du "second cercle" (dont le tatoue boucle plusieurs fois mentionne) sont très plaisants à regarder faire. Et je dois mentionner encore l'unite de ton obtenue par les deux couleurs noir et or, l'art d'enchainer les sequences comme une choregraphie, l'habilete des cameramen qui nous maintiennent au coeur de l'action. Saluons pour finir la performance de Trent Diesel, meilleur que jamais, infatigable marathonien du sexe, mettant tous les doms a son service pour lui procurer en masse les sensations les plus intenses. Il mérite parfaitement les applaudissements qu'il recoit a la fin de la session (1h 02'); je me permets d 'y joindre les miens. Great! (5)
May 14, 2011 one of the best Bound in Public posts! love all the positions / bondage / forced cock sucking and most of all Christian. He is so HOT! Great! (5)
May 13, 2011 i usually dont make comments but i'm making one because the guy in the tats. the really muscular guy with curly hair NEEDS to be on boundgods or boundinpublic way more often Great! (5)
May 13, 2011 Master Van, how about having that very muscular dude with the arm tatts on BoundGods? I know I've seen him on DB on Woof! Nice shoot here with hot action and creative play, and I hope you have a GREAT vacation in Venice! Great! (5)
May 13, 2011 Trent is really cute and I hope you continue to use (and abuse) him periodically. Some of the scenes, especially being fucked by a machine while strung upside down, were amazing. And I always love to see Christian Wilde completely naked. It wasn't really public enough for my taste, though the sheer number (and enthusiasm) of the spectators helped offset that. (I love the ones that take place in bars or other shops, especially the ones made to seem reluctant.) More public the better, especially if it's outdoors (or they're stranded naked outdoors at the end). But this crowd was really into it, it seemed. Keep up the good work. Great! (5)
May 13, 2011 Just what I needed after my work day from Hell. Loved the suspension fucking machine. That was fun. Great! (5)
May 13, 2011 For me this scene lacked the whole excitement of a Public Location, which is one of the biggest turn ons for me. I also felt that, although he is a handsome guy, that Trent as a sub didn't really work. I still love the site, of course, and I hope to see it return next week with a more "Public" setting...and some handgags of course..oh..and I LOVED seeing Adam in the crowd...=) Good (4)
May 13, 2011 I can inmagine that it was a sexparty, with such a beautiful and sexy man in the middle. Trent you are great and hot. Please please Van much more Trent. More than super great Great! (5)