Little Emma Haize severely bound. Made to cum!
Brutal crotch rope pulls her off the floor!

Oct 12, 2010 -

Welcome Emma Haize to Hogtied! This 20yr old tiny thing is as sexy as they cum. This is her first day experiencing bondage at the professional level.

This is Emma's meet and greet, where we first see if a model can handle the day and get more than 2 scenes; many can't. All tying, gagging, and stripping is on screen, in front of the camera. We make this as real of an experience for the girl as possible to find out her weakness and strengths, then we exploit both.

Emma suffers some very brutal bondage in this update. The rope is added and the position evolves so in the end Emma is suffering as her wet, shaved, sensitive pussy is baring almost all her weight. How long can a person hold herself up? How much pussy abuse can this girl handle before she is begging, pleading for help?

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Date Comments Name Vote
Oct 13, 2010 I so love Lolita; a real smashing lass! Great! (5)
Oct 13, 2010 I love miniskirts, spread legs and hands tied behind the back. So I like this. Great! (5)
Oct 14, 2010 Absolutly first glass, great Great! (5)
Oct 19, 2010 This is a great scene, she suffer beautifuly! She is tough... Question for you Matt: is it my download or is the sound a little later when you slap and floog her? Great! (5)
Oct 10, 2011 Extremely hot and attractive. Beautiful ass, nice tits, lovely pussy and nice slim legs and stomach and pretty face. HOT Great! (5)