Phillip Aubrey vs DJ

Sep 15, 2010 - and

After getting his ass kicked by John Magnum in his first match, the sexy and lean Phillip Aubrey, returns to NK to redeem himself. This week he will take on NK favorite, DJ. We haven't seen DJ since June, when he dominated Shane Frost. Phillip trains in Budokan and is determined to use his strength and flexibility to get DJ in as many holds as possible. DJ is certain that his experience on NK is all he needs to win this match and feed Phillip his big, uncut, cock. It's sheer determination vs experience. Whatever the outcome, the referee, Scott Tanner, plans to get in on the action and help teach the loser a lesson!

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Sep 5, 2012 Language, Philip! Someone needs to wash that boy's mouth out with soap. :-D Never heard so much swearing in a wrestling match. Sex round was blazing hot, loved Scott jumping in, and DJ shooting his load directly into his own mouth was awesome! Great! (5)
Jul 18, 2011 Just watched this again....what a sex round! Great! (5)
Jul 1, 2011 I loved The Ref Joining In.Nioe Bonus.Great Cock And Monster Balls,Scott.Really Kicked It Up A Notch For Me Great! (5)
Jun 14, 2011 Philip Aubrey has a gorgeous body and face...the overall package is tremendous, and DJ wqith the cock of his is always entertaining....Loved the match and especially the sex round with the greatest picture of Philips Asshole and dick ramming into DJ....what a shot. I'll watch that one again Great! (5)
Jun 14, 2011 Oh how I love to watch two horny guys fuck. A lovely movie, watching two muscular and naked guys writhing around together. Bravo macho Phillip! You look so hot when fucking ass. What a treat to see you win over that lovely ass of DJ's as your own and to fuck him hard and remind him of how good the other guys had felt as he had fucked them in the past. It was good to see you plowing his ass so hard and long and leave him laying there helpless. It was a nice bonus touch also to see Scott Tanner produce his nice thick piece as a horny ref for a blow job. Can't get enough of you naked and active men. Great! (5)
Feb 22, 2011 Philip is very sexy. Both have ok skills. But why is DJ pretending not to like getting fucked? lol - this pretend domination is silly. Most of the pretend dom on the site is silly. some of the guys are pretty hot, esspecially the ones who can actually wrestled :-) Great! (5)
Dec 15, 2010 Love seeing DJ get his ass kicked by a stud, but there needs to be more submission moves. The rolling around + nelsons are hot and all, but how about some camels, crabs, etc? I would love to see DJ crying in pain and submitting.. SEXY! Good (4)
Nov 9, 2010 Definitely a great match! DJ NEVER disappoints, always gives it his all, he's hot as hell with that really fine long cock. Phillip's got a smart ass attitude, handsome face, terrific body and he has a very sweet pair of turned on tits during the match. During the combat liked DJ suddenly licking Phillip's face and Phillip spitting into DJ's face. The sex was sensational. Phillip rode DJ's ass like a true champ. DJ jacking off and his cum shooting into his mouth was the highlight!! The ref is definitely hot but I'd rather see him in a match of his own. The sex should just be between the competitors only. MORE DJ! And put Phillip Aubrey against Jake Austin. That would be a good matchup! MORE PHILLIP! Great! (5)
Oct 8, 2010 well, first I want to say that you do a great job on this site. For those people who complain about the type of wrestlers,I think you do a fine job of offering hot wrestlers and mixing up types. the best thing about the site is really the unscripted and competative nature of the matchs. Keep this in mind: that can never get old. I do have to agree with solarqueen. To me the thing about wrestling is the one on one nature of it, pure form of competation that can lead to some of the most intimate erotic encounters. So I have to say that I am not a big fan of having the ref involved with the sex. (get him on the mat! pit him against your best twinkish wrestler. lol)Great job with the site Dark. Awesome stuff! Great! (5)
Sep 25, 2010 don't normally comment...but once i saw scott's bat and baseballs lifted out of his fly, i felt compelled to ask if i could matched with him and then just forfeit... or skip right to round 3. tho i agree that phillip shouldn't have to stand around and wait to get sucked as the winner, it was certainly a pleasure to watch scott's ballbag slap back and forth. kinda wanted to feel that banging against my chin while he forcefed me his big dick.... or feel that big dick whip my face while he forcefed me his balls. oh yea and the guys were good too. =) good equitable match. Great! (5)
Sep 21, 2010 I love it when DJ loses. The only time I think the ref should get involved is when there's a tie by the end of 3. The ref should then have to humiliate and fuck both opponents!!! Good (4)
Sep 21, 2010 I think it would have been better if the two wrestler's turned on the referee for meddling and he got fucked in turns. He has a big dick and a good sized bottom- ready to "swallow up" the big cocks of the two wrestlers with glee. Good (4)
Sep 19, 2010 Although i loved the ball grabbing and ass fingering and the intensity of these two going at it, I find myself for the most part in aggreement with hornyhank and solarqueen; I'm not a fan of the loser being 'shared', though Scott has a nice tool...perhaps he can use it in his own match with someone! Once they got to the actual fucking it was rough and raw as it always should be and DJ hurt so good! Good match guys! Great! (5)
Sep 18, 2010 Ich habe das erste mal so ein Film gesehen,Sowas gibt es doch wirklich nur inden USA.War richtig begeister.Weiter so- Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2010 I've never commented before, but I'm compelled to speak up. I gave this match a "great" rating because Phillip and DJ gave it their all and are exciting to watch. It seems to me that the underlying principle of Naked Kombat is two fighters battle it out and the winner gets to enjoy the spoils. In other words, the winner has to EARN the right to use to loser. Scott is good-looking, and I'd like to see him as an opponent, but he should not be allowed to participate in the sex because he did earn it. Otherwise, the situation loses some of its "unscripted" appeal. Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2010 Unorthodox wrestling techniques but they worked well for an enjoyable match. In Round 4, once past Scott's getting in on the suck-fest (uninvited by the winner) and the same-old-same-old pony ride, the sex turned out to be extremly hot. D.J. suffers well, and his being put into the position to j.o. in his own mouth was HOT! Would have been a good opportunity for some edging torture. Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2010 Thanks guys! Don't worry, there is plenty more new things to come. I will occasionally be more involved in the sex and less clothed...i promise. I also have a new set and some new scoring techniques coming. I will post all of this on the forum very soon! Thanks again and stay tuned! Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2010 Not very good , it is an excellent round 4 . ;) Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2010 It's another very close and thrilling match . DJ and Phillip went well together . I mean , their style are compatible . I was satisfied with Phillip's victory because he had already lost his also very close first match ( for me , John Magnum didn't kick his ass ) . And finally , very good round 4 . Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2010 A great match showing full commitment from DJ and Phillip with hot positions (nice ass poking) splendidly put on display by excellent camera work. Scott joining in is a turn-on too. Great idea! Sex round was hot as hell with Phillip spitting and forcing DJ to unload right into his mouth. Great kudos to both guys for their relentless efforts and great performance. Thank you! Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2010 Another delightfully uninhibited, hot and sweaty tangled mass of man-flesh going at it on the mat. The way I see it, is that DJ's 'disgust' was that as a seasoned vet, he was pissed at loosing out to Phillip who is a comparative newcomer with balls and underestimated (by DJ) skills. Combined with the unexpected humiliation of having to contend with the Ref as well, then he was not a happy boy! Love Phillip's lean, supple body, which looked stunning as he worked it in some beautiful rhythmic man-fucking like a true butt-pirate. Great positions, and DJ unable to hold back from shooting his jizz in his own face and then being splattered with Phillip's was so hot, shame that he wasn't christened with Scott's as well. My only criticism is that Scott's inclusion could have been a little more inventive, with him being more involved in the action, naked in a two on one for example, much to DJ's disgust! Great! (5)
Sep 15, 2010 I agree with jpbowie about DJ being disgusted with doing what he had been doing willingly in other bouts, but that seems to be the case alway in these NK bouts. There is a lot of hoak with the "riding the loser around the rink like a pony/donkey or whatever". Other that that, which is a complaint about the NK script hoke, this was a great match with two well matched indivituals, capability wise as well as sexy body wise. I enjoyed this and I think that the fighters did too. I was really turned on when Scott Tanner decided to join in on the sex round. It is too bad that he kept all of his clothes on and did not make this into a hot three-way. I was hard from the first round to the end. This was one of the best. Great! (5)
Sep 15, 2010 First time we see the ref joining in the fun!!! Like it!!! Now, will we ever get Van to join in in the festivities? That would be fun!! Good match. Great! (5)
Sep 15, 2010 And the cameramen, will they also get some action? Great! (5)
Sep 15, 2010 I agree with Nonagon. It's hot to see Scott whips his fat cock out. I wish he blows his load on the loser :) Great! (5)
Sep 15, 2010 What I don't get is DJ looking so disgusted while he's sucking cock when he's done it willingly during previous bouts. Phillip is hot and obviously the better wrestler and man. Good (4)
Sep 15, 2010 I couldn't disagree more. Having Scott Tanner jump in on the action was hot as hell! A great way to end a really well fought match. Great! (5)
Sep 15, 2010 I dont like the new referee and is participation to the action Below average (2)
Sep 15, 2010 great match phillip aubrey is a fucking stud more of him please!! Great! (5)