Bad Date Beatdown, Chauvinistic Pig gets worked over by muscle babe

Jan 3, 2014 - and

All dressed up with no where to run. Chauvinistic Pig gets the beatdown of a lifetime after he shows his date what an asshole he really is. Cheyenne is relentless on this asshole. She judo throws him to the mat and he's got no answers for her wrestling skills. He tries. Oh boy does he try. He's bigger and thinks he's stronger but Cheyenne easily puts him in his place. His clothes are ripped off and she sucks his dick while she pins him and as her way with him. She lets him know she's in control, now and forever!

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Jan 3, 2014 One of the hottest shoots ever done at Kink and it features my favourite girl Cheyenne. I hope to see more of these shoots. -
Jan 3, 2014 My new favorite video on kink :) -
Jan 4, 2014 This was a well done video and thechoices of performers where perfect.This is also my new favorite kink flick.More Cheyenne please. -
Jan 11, 2014 That was superb. More of this please! -
Jan 12, 2014 Really one of the best. Please more of this Great! (5)
Jan 15, 2014 Fantastic! Can you produce more of this please! -
Jan 20, 2014 fantastic - would love to see move of these, especially in a more US style with strap-ons to complete the punishment. -
Feb 5, 2014 Very HOT - Divine Bitches potential only next time please do not rip or in another way damage the thigh highs and please have the almighty Goddess keep her hosiery on throughout the entire shoot :-)))))) -
Feb 6, 2014 This is actually FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!! Cheyenne really has it - the FEMDOM soul - inside her. I've never in my time since 2007/2008 as a member of DivineBitches seen anything like this - I seriously LOVE the use of only female physical power to fully restrain and fully utilize her prey as oppose to using tools and SM-pain. Only Pure physical and mental dominance. Perhaps a future shoot with two ladies to severely put such jerk in his right place. I'm crazy about the multiple wrestling positions hence also the shooting angles in terms of getting front-row tickets and up-n-close views of such splendid nude facesitting action. The use of a plot I.e. the story and their date before the action is really great to break the not so sexy appeal of a sports wrestling environment. Finally please make the type of stockings worn in this exact shoot (those or very similar sheer/gloss stay-ups ones) as much possible a mandatory part of future updates as the combination of all of the sleek moves and positions accompanied by a lady wearing such enticing outfit seriously renders an impression of a boa constrictor preparing her prey for whatever she craves. Love the views of legs and exposed stockings feet/soles - pls. indulge us with much much more of this fantastic KINK material. Perhaps throw in a mouthdildogag as well or a chindo for the fun... :-)))) THANKS!!!!!!!!! -
Mar 14, 2014 I bought this for 20 dollars because it was so fucking good. I had to get it. Probably one of the best and most authentic femdom videos I've ever seen. Wonderful. Do more like this and I'll subscribe to the Divine Bitches/Femdom channels. -
Dec 11, 2014 hot i would join if there more shoots like this Great! (5)
Feb 14, 2015 more shoots like this and i wouild join Great! (5)
Apr 22, 2015 I would have love it more if Cheyeennene had lost the match and got ass fucked. Mixed wrestling with femdom looks like faking it. I would love seeing Ariel X getting fucked as well. Is there any mixed wrestling with maledom on the site -
Aug 20, 2015 If there's a better video on this site, I have yet to see it. This is by far the hottest video I have ever seen on the Internet. Please make more videos like this with Cheyenne Jewel, she is so awesome! Great! (5)