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Jul 26, 2009

This is excellent however some constructive criticism Camera work is a bit frustrating to watch at times, camera man tries to be artsy or is caught out in the not best position to capture to hold/ action. Would like to see longer held holds (a minute plus is good to do the job). At least there are a few which is good more would have been better. Use of ref is painful to watch don't really see the need, distracts from the viewers enjoyment of what they have purchased to watch. I couldn't download movie as I purchased, had to watch as a stream (not sure if my error or not but couldnt get it to download onto pc in any case.) All that being said it is still worth the money to watch, Blue wrestler has a beautiful face and it is a joy to see him get worked over. Would have been great to see his face while he was cumming as well as his dick.

Naked Kombat