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May 27, 2012

This match had it all! Serious wrestling holds to wear the opponent out. Nasty ball grabs and viscious ass slapping to show who was boss. And they weren't just rubbing butts to get points, you saw those fingers go in to show who was in charge. Beyond an amazing performance, very hot men! Generally I don't like the oil matches, but these two looked fine oiled up. And the sex? Woof. Bring either of these two back, and encourage the other models to go at one another like these two. If you can only buy one match, buy this one!

Naked Kombat
Dec 29, 2010

Amazing good fun. Wrestling is great foreplay, and this proved you can be totally aggressive without losing the erotic enjoyment at all. Jake is such a hottie, and Nikko clearly enjoys himself toying with Jake in an almost insultingly playful way. Who would know that playful style could turn all business in the end! While the pictures are hot, match is hotter if you like young, taut, erotic, playful, aggressive, active and athletic wrestling, this is the match to watch!

Naked Kombat
Nov 30, 2010

Great match. Martin is his usual nasty fireball self. (He's even more handsome in video than the pics.) These guys are in it to win, and at the same time use the ball grabbing, cock stroking, butt play and oral sucking to score points. That 3rd round was sexy! Woof. Especially appreciate Martin's gutsy ball grabs. He's willing to take as well as he gives it out. When you got a guy by the balls, you know you're in charge! This was definitely produced huge splooge for me.

Naked Kombat
Nov 23, 2010

OMG Hot. You MUST have a rating above great for this one. Very hot body types. I love the cock and ball grabbing and kissing. These wrestlers go for sexual play in all 4 rounds. Why wait until the end? The other studs could learn from this and go for the spanking, groping, plugging and grabbing right off. It's tons hotter! I do have one problem with this shoot: It's so hot I've never made it to the end of the match. But I keep watching over and over until I can keep from cumming before they're done. Please let Jimmie know how much his fans love him! Would he consider another shoot? If there's something keeping him away, maybe you could reassure him or bend the rules his way just one time to get his ass back on the mat. He's not going to the Olympics in wrestling, but he seems to enjoy the erotic body contact which is what really counts. I'm glad Shane keeps coming back. This round must have been amazing for him. He shoots, what, maybe 10 rounds out of one gun? Whatever made it work for him, please do it again. When I see guys getting off like that, I'll always come back for more.

Naked Kombat